HTML5 Camera

The HTML Media Capture allows us to access the device's camera, this is especially useful for mobile divces. This new feature still a working draft, and so far I've only been able to use this technique using Android's browser.

NOTE: The image that you test with is not stored, I'm instead using Data URI to display the content of the uploaded image.
Allow some time for the image to upload after you hit submit.

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Pendulum Waves

A CSS3 remake of the Pendulum Waves experiment by Harvard Natural Science.

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CSS3 Pendulum

A little swinging pendulum made in CSS3 using transform, animation, and keyframes.

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This Array extension will return an array of elements striping out duplicates.
It works by creating an Object with the key and value being the array item, thus causing duplicates to be overwritten.
The Object is then itereated and it's items are pushed to the returned array.

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